greg giraldo on internet dating, girls and relationships

greg giraldo on internet dating, girls and relationships.
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29 Responses to greg giraldo on internet dating, girls and relationships

  1. AngryJT says:

    Some standing ovation shit.

  2. Neto says:

    Kind of embarrassing.

  3. CupidsPulse says:

    We really liked your video!!

  4. Journalz says:

    I needed to hear this.

  5. godbluffvdgg says:

    Poor Greg, he was a lost soul…

  6. Alan Lloyd says:

    great comedy. He is venting his personal frustrations and its funny

  7. Kyle Thomas says:

    Part of that same era of comedians.

  8. steveinmidtown says:

    that, or he likes pussy

  9. Suevtres says:

    “I thought maybe we could play some space alien shit, or something “.

  10. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    Those are choices, as in options, to do so. They are not neccesities for
    doing so. There are no necccesities for doing so.

  11. CosmicCaprice says:

    Pregnancy, love, morality, social status, money, career reason, stupidity,

  12. Roundline says:


  13. CrackerLance says:

    Ironically, the very best comedy is born of pain & anguish. RIP Greg,
    you’re in a better place.

  14. james durnford says:

    so brave. funny. rip

  15. thepoofer says:

    man, that was awesome.

  16. Jon Moore says:

    Funny shit! Im from Wheeling, WV and he had me rolling after that bit! Man
    I wish him and some of the other great comedians were still alive. RIP GREG

  17. doleac g says:


  18. Hank Deutschendorf says:

    goddamn he was funny!

  19. jacob w says:

    sad we lost this man not justas a comedian but a brain great human who was
    going to be a living legend never forget the hicks giraldos of the world

  20. sachacnagy says:


  21. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    So, when would a man ever have to?

  22. Hassan Hussein says:

    0:58 hahahahahahahahhaa

  23. Azazel Acheron says:

    HE was unique. Too bad it ended WAY too soon…

  24. spencerg4488 says:

    @tickedoffnow i don’t think wives in general give a flying fuck about
    anyone but themselves.

  25. fridaynightovernight says:

    this video should be watched by everybody thanks

  26. Isabelle Gloutnay says:

    thats why i stop online dating..and if i ever want to date someone that ive
    met on the internet( site like youtube and stuff like that) i have to meet
    this person and itll probably take a while before we start dating

  27. Austin Mertins says:

    does this go for girls too?

  28. Austin Buble says:

    Thanks i showed my daugther this video She got scammed online dating