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Are People Who Speak More Than One Language Smarter?

I’m Carolyn Presutti with the VOA Special English Health Report, from | http In the early nineteen fifties, researchers found that people scored lower on intelligence tests if they spoke more than one language. Research in the nineteen sixties … Continue reading

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Thapists advice for Women Dating After 40

www.womendatingafter40com. Isn’t it time to take the pain out of dating — and enjoy the rewards you deserve? Fed up with dating disasters and playing games? Tired of repeating old patterns that attract the same bores, brutes or boys? Millions … Continue reading

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How to understand women

This is one nice thingy I would love to have 😀 If it was real ofc Video Rating: 5 / 5 Siris King discusses the growing gap of understanding between men and women. He discusses the difference in the way … Continue reading

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How To Meet Men At The Gym – Dating Tips – Meeting Men At The Health Club How to meet men at the gym? Women are asking where can I meet men that are active and in shape and not get stuck dating the beer drinking couch potato crowd. You know as a divorced woman it … Continue reading

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Trauma, Brain and Relationship: Helping Children Heal

Section One: The Very First Relationship (3:38 min) Video Rating: 0 / 5 Introduction (1:40 min)

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Internet dating FAILS (6/24/11 – #35)

Twitter – Facebook – Video Rating: 4 / 5

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New Channel! Chat With Me On Local Date Zone.

I’m going to start making a lot of videos. If you want to contact me, chat, cam, etc… I’m michelle22 on so hit me up. That site is way better than Facebook or Myspace so I made the switch … Continue reading

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